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The Jury will be looking for best blogging practices, combined with successful promotion of your post.

Each post will get two scores:

  • one will reflect the amount of traffic and social shares each post receives, so make sure you promote your posts! (the EC will promote each post equally)
  • the Jury will give each post a score according to the factors set out below.

Each score will be out of 40, so the total score will be out of 80. The Winners will have the three highest-scoring posts.

The Jury will be looking for:

Good blogging practices

  • Title and structure? Does it have an attention-grabbing title? A good introductory paragraph that draws the reader in? Are subtitles used to break up the text? Are the paragraphs short and punchy? Are writing for the web techniques used?
  • Length: is it verbose, or simply too long? Anything over 1000 words is getting on the long side, and if it’s over 1500 words it may not be fully translated*
  • Does it cite sources? Make sure you include links to information about the project you are covering, and/or any other useful information for your readers who would be keen to know more (?)
  • Does it have original photographs or other images? Including an image or two in a blog post is always a good idea, particularly if it’s unique (i.e., not stock photography). Embedding videos or other media also helps a post stand out.
  • Disclosure: while it’s perfectly OK to write about a project you or your organisation is involved in, practice full disclosure.

Note: if you have photos meets the criteria, why not also enter the photo competition?

Great Content

  • Insight: does the post tell us something we didn’t know beyond the basic facts of the project being funded?
  • Personality and style: Last but not least, does the post have a personality?

These last two points may look pretty subjective, but insight and personality are things you recognise when you see them.

The best blogs, after all, don’t just tell us something we didn’t know, they tell us using a personal, authentic voice, rather than a detached journalistic tone. They’re opinionated and interesting as well as simply informative. They can be funny, or passionate, or curious, or sarcastic.

But never dull!

* Posts submitted before May 20, 2015 are exempt from this guideline.

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